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Wild flowers of Bulgaria

Botanical holidays in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has more than 3800 vascular plants. 170 of them (4.6 %) are Bulgarian endemics and 200 are Balkan endemics, The diverse habitat, the variation in altitudes and the unique geographic location makes it a paradise for botanists.  

On relatively small territory there are Pontic, Mediterranean, Oriental, steppe, Panonian and other plant species.

Depending on the time of the year we offer two botanical tours, focused on the most interesting plant species that occur in Bulgaria.

Spring Botany in Bulgaria        May - June 2020

10 day botanical tour, focused on the early flowers of Bulgaria, exploring the Rhodopi mountains and the Black sea coast.

Bulgarian mountain flora           June - July 2020

12 day botanical tour focuses on Bulgaria’s stunning mountain flora, exploring the high mountains in the southwest of the country.

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