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Butterflies of Bulgaria

Butterfly holidays in Bulgaria

Butterflies of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is relatively small country roughly covering East and Central part of the Balkan peninsula.  With a total area of 111 000 km sq. it has extremely diverse range of habitats, climate and topography. Large part of the country is mountainous and more than 40% of the territory is forested. The tallest peaks are in the southwest, including the highest mountain on the Balkans – Rila, with it’s Mount Mussala towering at 2925m. Two distinct climate zones – temperate-continental in the north and sub-Mediterranean in the south, are additional factor for the rich biodiversity throughout the country.

From the 225 butterflies on the Bulgarian list 216 have definitely been recorded, which makes it one of the richest in butterflies places in Europe.

Butterflies vary from common European species to ones associated with typical Mediterranean climate or high alpine habitats in the mountains.

A good number of the butterflies of Bulgaria are restricted to Eastern Europe and although Bulgaria don’t have a true endemic a good number of its butterflies are endemic or near endemic to Bulgaria or the Balkans.

We offer two butterfly tours focusing on most interesting of them that occur in Bulgaria.

Early butterly tourButterflies of the Bulgarian mountains                 July 2020  9 days exploring the high mountains of Southwest Bulgaria, plus a visit to Mount Phalakron in Northern Greece.Butterflies of the mountainsRead MoreRead More