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We offer a wide variety  of tours, specialized in birdwatching, butterflies, botany , wildlife watching and photography. All our tours are guided by passionate and professional leaders, experts in their field. We use all the suitable accommodation  in the areas of interest in order to give you the best combination of comfort and flexibility to practise and enjoy your favourite hobby. If you want to find out more about us and the holidays we offer - have a look  bellow.

Our Wildlife Tours

Birdwatching tours


Birdwtaching Tours

Birdwatching in Bulgaria and the Balkans can be very rewarding, due to the unique geographic location and the wealth of bird species on relatively small territory.


Butterfly Tours

Butterfly tours

Butterfly Tours

With extremely diverse landscape Bulgaria is a paradise for butterflies. Lepidopterists  will find more than 220 species here, including some interesting ones such as Bosnian Blue, Dills Greyling, Higgins Anomalous Blue, etc


Wild flowers Wildflowers in Bulgaria

The Balkans are one of the richest places in wildflowers in Europe and Bulgaria has more than 3800 vascular plants. We have tours covering most of

the country’s flora.


Botany Tours

Wildlife photography

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography tours to Bulgaria

Thanks to its geographic location, Bulgaria is a home of diverse wildlife and flora

We have tours for both experts and beginners wildlife photographers.


Dragonflies of Bulgaria

Dragonfly tours

Dragonflies of Bulgaria

Dragonflies are one of the highlights of Bulgaria. With 68 species recorded this is one of the best places in Europe to enjoy your hobby.


Tailor-made holidays

Tailor-made tours

Bulgarian ringlet photography

We specialise in tailor made or private tours for small groups and individuals, clubs, societies and organisations.


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